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Pictures of Country Music Stars..
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7th-Jul-2011 09:21 am - Chris Young: Neon
Chris's new album comes out on Tuesday! Here's a cover shot.

(Watch for him on Good Morning America Tuesday!)
15th-Jun-2011 07:15 am - Edens Edge at CMA Music Festival
Singing "Christ Alone." Picture from CMT via Twitter.

1st-Jun-2011 05:20 pm - Edens Edge

This group is really good -- if you haven't heard them yet, go over to iTunes and listen to samples from their EP! These are photos from the filming of their new video, "Amen." (Taken from the Edens Edge Facebook page.) More under the cut . . .

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8th-May-2011 07:17 pm(no subject)
jamie and claire
[02] Cristina/Owen (Grey's Anatomy)
[05] Laura Jansen
[03] Blake Shelton
[06] Matthew Passmore related (The Glades + Rachael Carpani [wallpaper])

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I have two HQ's of Jenn and Kristian in color but I'm looking for this one of Jenn by herself in a red and black checkered dress in color, I have two black and white versions of it but I've saw a couple MQ examples of it in color online but nothing HQ. Does anyone have it? I would really love to have it.

I made it smaller for the entry because the HQ is huge and would have taken up a ton of space.

here's a link to the HQ version of it if you want to see it
To see the rest of the pics just click read more...they are behind the LJ cut.

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I'm looking for a photo shoot of Sugarland that they did on Coney Island in New York while working on a name for their CD 'Enjoy The Ride' the CD came out in 2006 so I'm assuming since they were working on a name during this photoshoot that the shoot took place in 05 maybe early 06? I would really, really LOVE to have this photoshoot in HQ if anyone can get it!

Please click the read more to see the rest of the photo's behind the LJ cut!

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Jenn's Smile
If anyone has any of these photo's in HQ or at least a larger size than what I posted in the imageshack gallery, can you please post them? I would really appreciate it! After several failed attempts to upload the photo's and post the thumbnails here, which for some reason just aren't working for me, I resorted to just using imageshack and posting the link of the gallery with the photo's I'm looking for.


^^Click the link to see the photo's I'm looking for, please!?
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